Super negin all red 1ª cat. AAA "First Flower"

The absolute quality of saffron in luxury packaging.

This exceptional saffron can boast characteristics with record values of crocin and picrocrocin and, consequently, be the top saffron in the world.
3g pack


Super Negin all red 1ª cat. AAA

The Negin quality is obtained through an intense care in the irrigation of the soil and a particular cut of the pistil combined with an accurate drying. All this allows to obtain a very high quality saffron with particular volumes and beauty.
1g pack


Super Negin all red 1ª top grade AAA organic

Organic saffron, distributed by Simorgh, has very high power characteristics, difficult to find in organic products, so much so that it is recognized as triple A.
1g pack


1ª grade  saffron powder

The classic disposable sachet in an exclusive packaging for a high quality ISO 3632 1st category certified product



We are able to offer any quality of saffron for food, industrial and pharmaceutical use.
The pistils are contained in polypropylene wrappers for food to preserve them from air and humidity, in turn inserted into cans protected by a cardboard package to avoid crushing.
The packs are 500g and 250g
The powder is contained in a heat-sealed aluminum bag inserted inside a solid cylindrical container that can be opened and resealable.
The packages are 250g